Louisville, KY Document Shredding and Secure Destruction

FMP Data Services is the respected name for Document Shredding Louisville, KY. You have trusted our expertise and knowledge with your virtual information; now you can carry that trust over to sensitive details on documents as well. We are aware that properly disposing of the material documents of your business is very important to you, so we are here to provide the appropriate security in doing it the same as in storing your files. You will gain lots of benefits once you let us help you to dispose of such documents by shredding. We have lots of services that can certainly suit your needs as we shred the files that you wish to dispose of. Whether it’s a one-time service, a recurring service, at your site, or ours, we have the alternatives to meet your shredding and budget needs.

Document Shredding in Louisville KYFMP Data Services is here to assist your company and your consumers with document shredding in Louisville, KY. Identity theft and medical identity theft crimes are quickly rising. Such offenses begin when the vital information lands with the wrong person. With us, you can be assured that the confidential information that was provided by your clients will be in good hands. We are aware that your company’s reputation can be susceptible, and we are here to protect you.

The Kentucky document shredding services that we offer come with several options. We let you decide how and where to shred your  files. We are able to come to your office and do a one-time shred, also known as a purge shred. You have it right; shredding will be done onsite, offering you the chance to see how document shredding will be done appropriately. You also have the choice to do it on a recurring basis. Instead of an onsite shred, we could transport your files to our center to be shredded and dumped. As with the first one, it can also be a one-time or regular shredding. With the regular option, locked, tamper-proof boxes are put in prime locations around your business for your employee’s ease in putting the private files in a secured location. FMP Data Services has the schedules for picking up these boxes.

Louisville, KY Locations Providing Document Shredding

When choosing a shredding company for your company’s document destruction needs, you also want to ask what makes their document shredding secure. The number of documents does not matter to us. Our priority is always the confidentiality and security of such documents. We certainly have surveillance cameras to ensure that the chain of custody is always followed. The process actually ends once the documents have undergone the shredding process. Our services are protected from the time the document leaves your company until the time it is destroyed.

With a selection of Louisville, Kentucky, document shredding options, our shredding services are budget-friendly. We recognize that cost could be a substantial factor when figuring out which shredding document destruction service provider to hire. We know that in today’s economy you would like to guard the sensitive information vested to you by your clients, as well as your bottom line. With us, that is definitely achievable.

Using a shredding service will help you conform, while not wreaking havoc on your budget. The market is also providing various document shredding services and shredding options to select from. FMP Data Services is very eager to assist you. We would like to tell you more about the support, compliance, and also the process itself. We are always available to provide the information and expertise that you need to make a sensible choice.

We offer free estimates, so call or email now to see how FMP Data Services document shredding services can give you the reassurance you and your company deserve.