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For over 25 years we have been providing secure records management solutions to many clients over a multi-state region. We understand the challenges of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of a document management system while maintaining complete compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, PCI and many other federal and state regulatory requirements.

Data Storage Louisville, KY

Data Storage Company in Louisville, KYData storage might refer to personal computer data or any type of data device. Essentially, computer data storage includes devices, components, memory space or any media that keeps digital information used for computing. It may describe any device that retrieves or stores other sorts of data, or data from any platform. Keep in mind that there is a data storage company in Louisville that effectively provides such a support in accordance with your business needs.

With regard to an all-inclusive online backup and support, you can depend on the most innovative business, known as FMP Data Services. Since the existence of businesses today are felt not just in off-line, but also in on-line environments, the need to protect information has increased. Many businesses are seeking techniques on the best way to preserve and protect their data with maximum security and ease of use. For several years, the search for an information storage business with renowned expertise and superb capabilities has intensified. For data storage, you can always rely on FMP Data Services Louisville. Their team of specialists is extremely capable of identifying your organization needs, in terms of data protection.

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Remote Backup Systems Louisville KYIt’s now easy to synchronize your data for storing off-site employing FMP’s excellent remote backup and restoration technologies. It can be simple to maintain a multi-office operation with essential info being exchanged. The server software might be searched utilizing a dedicated search engine, which is an advantage over the competition in terms of speed and ease of use. FMP Data Services Louisville is superior having a search engine dedicated specifically to the process at hand. Some of the key features of FMP Data Services are: the capacity to throttle CPU and bandwidth, customize backup set policies, recover a lost or corrupted mailbox, access many file types (either open or locked), and store files which can be suitably encrypted and compressed.

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Do not forget that substantial manpower, time, and cost are needed to recover any important information that could be lost due to a number of possible glitches. These may include the following: your hard drive crashes, your base station or laptop is stolen, your PC gets infected with a virus, your file gets accidentally deleted, an earthquake occurs, a fire breaks out, or you misplace your disks. Your organization need not be afraid because it could easily recover from some of these disasters with highest confidence. We are a data storage service company that offers a high level of assurance due to our hardware, enterprise-level software program, state-of-the-art reliable data centers, and Tier4 SAS-70.

To be ready to respond to an unpredictable human error and natural disaster you need a reliable data archiving system.  We are your solution. That is why for data storage, choose the most dependable and advanced services of FMP Data Services Louisville.

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